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I have been interested in web sites and coding for the past 8 years or so. Recently I became a member of the International Webmaster's Association and have gained several qualifications through them relating to the various available technologies in use today.
I consider standards compliant code to be very important and always check my code for compliancy with the W3C HTML, XHTML & CSS standards. Additionally I do my best to make all sites available to those internet users with disabilities such as the blind who use screen readers.
Every site I code is provided with a small amount of instruction on how to maintain its code and an optional maintenance contract. Every project also has a contract and project management stage to make sure the customer is getting what they require out of their prospective website and that I am covered for copyright issues.
Please see my portfolio, available on the navigation menu, to see examples of my work and feel free to contact me using the contact page if you are interested in commissioning a website.

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